Hello guys,

I'm 28 years old male and I've started to be concerned about the following symptoms, that are probably present since my time of elementary school:

  • sometimes I am able to hear a click/pop sound coming from somewhere in the centre of my head, when I strain a lot (hard laugh, lifting heavy stuff, having the need on toilette and being constipated ...)
  • I can hear this clicking in the rhythm of heartbeat, if heartbeat is very intensive and is accompanied with some stress or shock
  • Once I strained so much that I was able to hear some very ugly sound in my head, like a movement of soft tissues or like you'd put a finger in the guts
  • I was also able to hear this ticking my head when jumping. As soon as I stopped jumping, I was able to hear the decay, as it was some liquid swaying around.

The thing is that I ignored these symptoms, because I thought that sound is related to neck or ears, but that may not be the case.

Recently, I have been battling with my life problems, which I was somewhat ignorant of during all these years, hoping that I'm in some transition phase or that "it's only my personality" and there is nothing wrong with me. These problems would be difficult to understanding what people are saying (it's like somebody is pressing a mute button when a person is talking to me), difficulty with expressing myself, searching words to form a sentence, mood swings, bad memory, losing things, disorganisation, depressions, impulsiveness, changing activities from one to other, not knowing what to do in life, not finishing a single task - very bad productivity, tiredness, no will, losing interest in about anything in the words...etc. I sent an essay of these problems to some psychiatrist and she told me that my problems indicate on ADD adult case, but this has to be confirmed with tests. In any case, sth is very suspicious. And it becomes even more so, if these ADD symptoms may be somehow related to the clicking problem mentioned before.

To make things even more bizarre - few months ago I partly lost sensation at my 4th and 5th finger, including outer part of hand. Doctor said that the ulnar nerve is damaged, but don't know how this could happens as I don't do sports, neither I don't know that I was hit by something.

3 years ago I've had a standard and high contrast MRI scan of my head. Few months before undertaking it, I had a periodic blood check done and I was accidentally discovered that level of some hormone was way above threshold. Was sent to endocrino who decided to do a full panel test, and I have also asked for a pituitary gland check, just to have all the major stuff ticked. While hormonal imaging was all normal, the MRI scan that I have undertaken later, showed enlarged great celebral vain. Main neuroradiologist concluded that somewhat enlarged GCV is not a big deal. But the whole MRI imaging was bit scary, because I was able to hear two neuroradilogists arguing in control room with "Yes, it is!" and "No, it is not!" knowing that sth is not fine. Finally they gave me a shot of that contrast agent and retake the imaging with conclusion that while I have slightly enlarged GCV, I'm OK. Scary experience.

However, what if those guys may have detected sth that finally went under-diagnosed? Keep in mind that I never told them about my clicking in head.I visited them purely due to pituitary gland check and it's always easy to find a thing that you're searching for.