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Thread: Older MS drugs increase cancer risk

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    Default Older MS drugs increase cancer risk

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    Recently I've been noticing ads for drugs which mention the possibility of cancer developing.

    Early on I did take Imuran, but only for a few months.

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    They say that cancer most likely is fought off by the immune system throughout your life and only gets a foot hold when the immune response is weak. Then cancer has a chance to multiply until it becomes to much for the immune system to fight off. Since most MS drugs suppress the immune system, it's not surprising that you might be more likely to get cancer. If you have ever read the warnings that come with most any of the meds, it clearly states this. Add that to the fact that putting just about any chemical into your body could cause cancer. While it's almost impossible to avoid all chemical exposure in this day and age, the next one added to the unavoidable mix could be the "straw that breaks the camels back", so to speak.

    Lots of people don't believe those warnings and think it rarely happens, so it won't happen to me. It's kinda a game of russian roulette they choose to play. That's fine as long as they do their homework to be fully informed and are not pressured or scared into doing it. I know how much pressure is placed on the newly diagnosed to be on one of the ABCR or the newer drugs.
    But the warnings are nothing new. Drug companies keep making drugs that focus on immolating the immune system to treat many, many disorders now. They all warn of possible cancers. When are they gonna focus on, most importantly, the why and then a cure?

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    A great explanation Nuthatch. Thank you.
    Evolution spans the Universe.

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