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    Default Returning after long time

    Hi everyone

    I used to post here long ago but lost track of this website over the years

    I'm a movement disorder patient with the conversion disorder label
    which only means the neurologists can't figure out what's wrong

    no weakness / all muscles work
    but there are random movements (muscle tension) I can't control

    usually low level
    but lately over the years things have gotten noticeably worse
    typing & handwriting are breaking down on me

    I'm still working full time / with no usable diagnosis or treatment.

    After all this time (17 years) I don't really care anymore
    if the root cause is organic (physical) or psychological
    with my luck it's probably a mix of both

    so - my question:

    Are there any Klonopin veterans out there

    who successfully tried out herbal meds?

    I had to be detoxed from Klonopin when it stopped working for me after being on it for 2 years.
    & of course that is the only med that relieved the symptoms

    no way I'll ever take that stuff again.
    other meds I've tried / discarded are too numerous to list here.

    Found a reference to Valerian Root yesterday
    but the stuff I bought seems strong

    But not as overpowering to me as the prescription muscle relaxers I've tried / discarded

    just ordered a bottle of the same stuff at a lower dose.

    I accidentally found this page listing some others here
    but in all my travels to various doctors no one ever mentioned this.

    thanks for any replies
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