The BT family is always in my prayers. You are all such a wonderful caring group. Amazing since we've never met.
We are well. Kathleen had another appointment at Shriners and got a new AFO for her right leg(non surgical side). It's working well and seems to fit without any pressure points. But it is harder to get used to because this one has no ankle joint. It was made this way because her ankle on the right is so loose (funny because her left was so tight she needed surgery). We needed to stabilize it more. It's harder for her to walk up and down stair which was so disappointing because she worked so hard and was doing so well with stairs. It's like tarting over... I wrote to Shriner's Hospital telling them how wonderful the care has been and how easy they have made it for families to get comprehensive care all in one day. They asked to use my letter and Kathleen's picture for some of their newsletters and on the website. Of course I agreed.
Last month was our summer vacation to Wildwood NJ with a group of very good friends. As always it was perfect! Perfect weather and so much fun and relaxation. I will post some pictures. Kathleen love and is loved by these families we vacation with. They have told me she is the brightest part of the vacation. Watching how she enjoys every moment to the fullest. Each experience as if it's thee first time. AS she has told us she is a JOY! LOL.

I go to a local gym a few times a week and this week I upgraded my membership to be able to bring a friend. So I started bringing Kathleen. The first day I had her PT (who is a wonderful friend and goes to the gym also) meet us and go over what would be helpful for u to work on. She seems to be loving it and we've gone every morning. On Fridays she will read to a summer school classroom and get PT. She rides her bike almost a mile at least 4 times a week.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer!!
Mary Grace
P.S Pictures coming....