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    How fun!!! I especially love the bottle cap, golf tee bar stools in Brimble's Public House/ pub. How did you ever get them so level and even? Wow, impressive!
    I've done a small bit of doll making. Years ago I tried my hand at making apple head dolls. They're fun to carve and then see them slowly come to life showing character as they dry and shrink. I made a body for one and even entered it into the county fair. She's still displayed in my craft room and have a small box full of apple heads waiting for a turn at life. Someday . . .

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    Well, Rose, the whole Catterville story is a sort of book....just send me your email and you can have your own copy!..😁😁😁

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, every one. It is a fun hobby. A lot of time, energy...and yes money...goes in to each house, but I love doing it, and am glad I am feeling well enough to get back to it. I'm in the midst of rehabbing a house right now that I bought off Craigslist, $25 for a house that costs over $100 if new and in kit form (not put together; a box of parts). The stories come as I do the construction work. The inhabitants of the house speak to me, telling me how they want the house to look inside and out, and what their back stories are, how they got to Catterville. I just write that down...

    Any of you who have done crafts know that generally you'll never get back the money that you've spent....and time. There is a dollhouse museum and association that will get all my stuff should I die without otherwise disposing of it myself. I've thought about loaning out the houses to display, but without some kind of protection they, and the stuff in them, can be easily broken...or stolen.. while I make some of the stuff myself, a lot is purchased. Some accessories cost over $100. The dolls cost me $125 each...a discounted price because I found and bought the molds... So lots of money spent there....I haven't added it up over the years, but know it's in the thousands. But I keep at it...

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