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    I am reading An American Sickness by Elizabeth Rosenthal MD. Wow. I suspected much of what she writes about, but it's still eye opening and sickening what medicine has become. If you like to read, I can recommend it.

    And who knows. It might empower you to address some of the financial shenanigans you observe in your role as a patient/consumer.

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    I'm glad you mentioned this book. I have a way of reading reviews of books I'd like to read but not noting them down, thinking I'll surely remember to request them from the library--and then I don't remember. I'm making a note of it.
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    There are a few pages on the shenanigans of MS drugs. It was published prior to the shananigsns of Ocrevus.
    But the big concepts she wrote about refer to all illnesses, and not just the meds. The hospital billing, doc billings, etc. it's very well written.

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