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Thread: A BROWNS Fan Lied To His Wife After Coming Home Drunk.

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    Default A BROWNS Fan Lied To His Wife After Coming Home Drunk.

    Her Response is PRICELESS.

    The other night a BROWNS Fan was invited to watch a STEELERS-BROWNS Game.

    He told his wife that he would be home by midnight, ‘He Promised’.

    Well, the hours passed and the beers went down way too easily.

    Then, just before 3 A.M., a bit loaded, he headed for home.

    Just as he got in the door, the Cuckoo Clock in the hallway started up and Cuckooed 3 times.

    Quickly, realizing his wife would probably wake up, he Cuckooed another 9 times.

    He was really proud of himself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with her.

    (Even when drunk as a skunk…3 Cuckoos plus 9 Cuckoos = 12 Cuckoos = MIDNIGHT!)

    The next morning his wife asked him what time he got in…and he told her ‘MIDNIGHT’.

    She didn’t seem upset in the least. Whew! He got away with that one!

    Then she said, “We need another Cuckoo Clock.”

    When he asked her why…she said, “Well, last night our Cuckoo Clock Cuckooed 3 times, then it said, 'Oh Sh!t!' Then it Cuckooed 4 More Times, cleared its throat, and then Cuckooed twice more…and then tripped over the coffee table and farted.”

    (She was NOT upset with him because she is a STEELERS Fan…and the STEELERS WON.)


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