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Thread: (CMSC) One-third of MS cases referred to specialty clinic turn out to be misdiagnosed

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    Default (CMSC) One-third of MS cases referred to specialty clinic turn out to be misdiagnosed

    One-third of the MS cases referred to MS specialty clinics turn out to have been misdiagnosed.

    According to this article, a 4-year-old MRI is considered too old.

    Since some of these people were already taking costly MS drugs, there's going to be an effort toward being more careful about making sure nobody is misdiagnosed. It probably means more MRIs will be done.

    From MedPage Today, a report on a presentation at the annual conference of the CMSC (Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers) in New Orleans, May 24-27, 2017:

    I hope this link works. If not, please speak up.
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    The link works, Agate.
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    Link works for me also. I had second opinion and that Neurologist did all new test and so I am comfortable with my diagnosis. Also, I have had many more MRIs. I think everyone diagnosed with MS should seek a second opinion. As I told my Neurologist who diagnosed me, I felt it was too serious to not get one. He definitely agreed.

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