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Thread: I have a question about changing your name & I'm not sure where I should ask this.

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    Default I have a question about changing your name & I'm not sure where I should ask this.

    Hi, my grandson is 16. I have full custody of him since my son died. My grandson wants to change his last name to my last name. I'm not sure where to go or what to do. His mom lives across the state & has no contact with him at all, by her own choice. I don't know if my grandson will need her permission or not. I don't even know what her address is. I hope it isn't very expensive. Thank you for any information that someone here may have.

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    dear c rainbows,

    It depends on what state you are in and possibly the courts since the child is 16. Have you searched under "change name" + the state you are in?

    In my state it is legal to simply change your name w no court involvement as long as it is not for a fraudulent reason. For your grandson, I would think it would also involve the age of majority in your state.

    The best to you,
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    Just as an example, here's the NY state guideline on name changes (though the Webpage was last updated 2 years ago):

    Your grandson might need his mother's permission but notifying her at her last known address might be the way to start that process.

    Sometimes lawyers will give a half hour of free legal advice if you present yourself as a possible client. You might be able to get the answer you're looking for in that way.

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    ((((((chasin rainbows)))))) ~

    Back to BrainTalk!

    Here is information about name changing by state:

    Hope you can find the information your grandson needs.

    Love & Light,

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