We are well... The weather is not what we would expect for May, it's been cold and very rainy. this hinders our bike rides and walks for Kathleen and I.
Kathleen had a recheck at Shriner's hospital. All is good she saw a new Dr. (the one who did her surgery retired). She did a great overall orthopedic exam. Noting how loose her hips are she did an xray which was ok, but something we need to keep an eye on. Kathleen has had some redness and pain in her right foot from her AFO so they're making a new one. We'll pick this up the end of the month. We can't say enough good things about Shriner's. They Make every step as easy as possible. This appointment didn't even take us 2 hours and done locally would have meant several appointments each being at least 2 hours.

Saturday we went to Boston Children's Hospital for a Moyamoya family symposium. It's always great to hear the cutting edge research for this very rare disease. The best part is seeing the surgeon Dr. Scott who saved Kathleen's life 15 years ago. He is amazing and remembers our family with such fondness every time we see him. We can never thank him enough not just for saving her life but for the kindness he showed our family at such a difficult time. I believe he gave her the best possible outcome given her unstable condition.
This is a picture of her and Dr. SCott.

Mary Grace