A week ago today we spent the night in the ER. We knew Tyler wasn't feeling well but there wasn't anything specific in his symptoms. Low grade fever for several days, not sleeping well, sweating profusely, seizing, hours unconscious daily, very tachycardic. Same ole, same ole. Then he started vomiting. I listened to his lungs and they sounded wet on top of his racing heart. To the ER we went. Pneumonia in the base of both lungs. The docs gave him two breathing treatments and put him on two antibiotics. They wanted to admit him but we ardently refused and brought him home at 4:00 am. We were up for 28 hours and were exhausted. Tyler has been on the antibiotics for a week and nothing has changed. We'll see how he is doing once we finish both drugs. He is unresponsive much of the time, though today he started moaning at 3:00 am and has been very uncomfortable. I prefer him unconscious. Much easier to watch.