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    It was State Farm that said they did good work. Being as I wrecked on a Holiday, it was the area representative that talked for State Farm, so I'll trust they will do a good job. I just want all this mess behind me. I'm tired of worrying about it.

    Just to put things in perspective, since I bought the car new, I've paid more in insurance than the car cost new. Plus taxes each year, and having oil changes and tires and inspections, and now $500 out of pocket even with insurance.

    Owning a car is expensive!
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    :) Ann I did not have to pay until it was done. Jeanie :)]

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuthatch View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Being a landlord myself, I can tell you that it is illegal to require first and last months rent to move into an apartment, at least in CA. Yes, we charge a security deposit, usually equal to a months rent, that is refunded when a tenant moves out, minus the cost to repair any damage the tenant did to the building. That does not include normal wear and tear! There are very clear laws about all that.

    It is also illegal for a tenant to use the security deposit as his last months rent. The deposit or remainder of, has to be refunded along with copies of receipts for any repairs done, within 21 days. It's law. Every tenant should read and then sign a rental agreement before money changes hands! Most don't read their agreement.

    We have had just a few tenants who have "trashed the place", skipped on rent, ect., but my in-laws were burned, costing them thousands, many times.
    We had one tenant who allowed their young child to "color" on every wall of the newly painted house, including stairwells, bannisters, and kitchen cabinets! A large hole in the carpet was not normal wear and tear! The security deposit didn't even begin to cover the costs to fix the mess they left. They had the nerve to file a small claims case against us when we wouldn't return their deposit (which we won in court, because of signed and dated "before move-in" pics, a painters dated receipt proving it had just been painted, and "after" pics were presented showing the damage). We could have sued them for the extra costs above the kept deposit, but that is not handled or awarded in small claims court and would not have been worth the hassle or costs for us to file a civil suit. It was enough hassle as it was!

    Rents are high in many places because real estate prices are so high, not to mention property taxes and maintenance. The average renter does not realize the costs in maintaining a home if they have never owned one themselves, let alone the investment required to own the property, insurance, property taxes, ect. The triplex we own costs over $10,000 a year in taxes alone! If something goes out, a landlord has to fix it pronto . . . air conditioning, heating, stoves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, water heaters, leaking faucets, broken sprinkler heads/timers, roof leaks, plumbing problems . . . the list goes on and on.

    Sorry Agate, but the hair on my neck goes up when I hear landlords being blamed for what is perceived as the high costs of living as a tenant.
    It's a generalization that's unfair. Many are good, fair landlords providing clean, maintained living arrangements for those who don't have the up front investment to do it themselves.
    By the way, a lot of the money for roads and schools comes from property taxes. On top of yearly property taxes, in order to get a permit to build our new home, we had to pay straight up, $14,000 to the county for "roads" (that's what is called infrastructure) and another $7,000 to the school district!

    Trump is cutting income taxes for the super wealthy, programs for the needy and shifting more onto the states, who will have to increase state income taxes to cover programs previously covered by federal taxes. Will it drive real estate prices higher yet? He's "fixing the economy" alright . . . NOT!

    uh-oh . . . This is turning into a political thread rant . . . sorry.
    Yes, there are very responsible landlords, and often compassionate ones who lean over backwards to give their renters a break. I've heard of many landlords who let tenants postpone their rent payments for many months.

    I didn't mean to generalize about landlords. I've owned property myself, several times, and have rented out rooms in my house with two different houses in two different states. Only a very small-scale landlord but still I had some problem roomers who had to be dealt with.

    I like to think I was one of the responsible property owners.

    As a renter, I've always read the rental agreement and always paid my rent on time. However, even though the landlord assured me I'd be refunded my $400 refundable deposit once in Chicago, I never saw a penny of it. Another landlord gave me similar assurances in WA state but didn't pay. I appeared 3 times in small claims court trying to get my $300 back from him, which I was entitled to. He lied in court under oath. The judge didn't listen to my objections about that, and I received only half of the money owed me.

    But most landlords have treated me fairly and treated my neighbors fairly. But there are a few very bad apples as with any bunch of human beings.
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    Here if a landlord doesn't give you your deposit back w interest, you win triple the deposit. This assumes no provable damage.

    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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