Many years ago, before I had children, I used to read this board regularly. Back when it was MGH communities. I learned a lot although it wasn't very useful information to me at the time. Now I wish I didn't know what I know.

My 3 y/o Hunter had several "episodes" that we now know were seizures. The first one in Feb I was getting him out of his carseat at daycare and he was not responsive and didn't help me get him out, once out he just rested his head on my shoulder. I brought him inside and set him in his chair, scooched up his seat to the desk and left. I emailed up there later asking if he was o.k. as what had happened in the morning was weird.

3 weeks later the same thing happened, taking him to grandma's house in the morning. I told her it was so weird, because it had happened once before. I left him with her but kept checking on him. First he was "fine in 10 minutes" when I got worried about it she later texted it was 5 minutes. I made an appt this day and they were suspicious of seizures. We had a sleep deprived EEG the next week and the results were normal. We were told to just watch/wait and make let them know if it happened again.

On Monday I got a call from daycare at 3:00pm that Hunter was unresponsive after his nap. I told the director to stay with him and I'd call the Dr office. I couldn't get through to the office and at 3:08 I told them to call 911. I was about 30 minutes away by then and I had texted my husband and he was also about 30 minutes away.

He beat the ambulance to the hospital and I arrived at the same time, about 3:45pm. When I walked in the room Hunter was just sitting on the gurney while they talked to him, put in a saline lock, etc. He didn't respond to anything, just looked around. Several times the Dr wasn't sure if he was still seizing or having additional seizures or just postictal. Around 4:15 he started coming around a little. We were discharged by 5:00.

Pedi on Tuesday morning. My husband brought up that Hunter's been limping without any sort of obvious injury. She manipulated his legs and no pain indicators at all. She referred us to the children's hospital neurology clinic and for an MRI. MRI is tomorrow afternoon. The neuro appt is may 16th.

I'm concerned that the MRI may be to look for tumors. With the worsening seizures and one sided weakness that's what comes to mind. Does that sound accurate? I'm really scared.