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Thread: New, so far safe, treatment progressive MS in clinical trials

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    Default New, so far safe, treatment progressive MS in clinical trials

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    Thanks for this article.

    I will read it more tomorrow. John and I were both diagnosed with Lyme disease in the early 80's. We were terribly ill and no one here knew what was wrong. A friend dragged us to Mass General Hospital and the doctor we saw there knew instantly. He ordered the correct blood test and Bingo. But we had been sick for a year and they thought it was too late to treat us.

    One thing in the blood test results was the presence of the EpsteinBarr, the article you posted caught my attention.

    The researcher who identified Lyme wrote a paper stating that untreated Lyme could morph into MS. That's what I always thought happened to me.

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    Some of the people involved in this study had SPMS. SPMS people don't get studied very often.

    Sounds like a really interesting idea, and larger studies are going to be done, apparently.
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    I liked that they specifically said that SPMS was treated and a couple of the people did respond well. Study was so small it is hard to say, but glad they are looking at it.

    Thanks BBS.

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