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Thread: 25 & new constant headaches

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    Red face 25 & new constant headaches

    - I have had daily headaches for around 4 months now, especially in the morning. It feels like constant pressure, and always worse after sleep.

    - Dizziness

    - Blurred vision at times

    - Loss of balance at times (running into walls, accidentally broke a hanging picture recently). Maybe unrelated, but still.

    - Bad nausea. Some days are worse than others, but often bad in the morning. Side note: not pregnant. This has been going on for months, and still the same.

    - Tingly feeling on my head, and sometimes that with a mix of numbness on my face.

    - Had an MRI done, waiting to hear results but do have a CD with the images.

    - MRI (large brain bulge in front one the one) black dots, not symmetrical, uneven center nerve T part, ...

    - No known biological family history

    - All of these symptoms are new within the last 4-ish months or so.

    So sorry if way too much info, just trying to get what I can think of.

    I would love to upload pictures, but it looks like that is not an option here.

    Any information and/or knowledge would be amazing. Thank you so much!
    - Rainbow Brain :)

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