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Thread: Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak

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    Hello All,

    I wish you recover and live strong.

    I have a quick question, you might help with. 3 months ago I believe I had during a lapse of 2 weeks a spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak, a yellowish clear liquid came out of my nose without any apparent reason. Sometimes when I had my head lower than my body I was able to drain again that fluid.
    Then without apparent reason the fluid drainage stopped. But since 2 month ago, I am tasting a weird flavor on the back of my mouth. I cannot describe it as metallic or salty, its something different. I believe it produces me bad breath (because my girlfriend has told me so)
    I am wondering if I should be concern about this situation. I am not having any synthom

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    *I am not having any symptoms like headaches, dizziness, or visual distortion. To be honest just the weird taste on the back of my mouth.
    Any ideas?

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