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Thread: Medical Marijuana doc visit today

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    Default Medical Marijuana doc visit today

    Florida voters voted to legalize medical marijuana for many conditions, including multiple sclerosis. There are very strict rules as to which doctors can prescribe it, who can manufacture it and grow it, and where it can be sold. The legislature is dragging its feet for the usual reasons . Don't get me started on that! Anyway I am sure that it will be up and ready to buy within six months or so. It looks like it may only be sold in weird locations like near a railroad track or other dicey places. But maybe the town fathers will change their mind and allow sick people to go to decent parts of town to get their medical marijuana.

    Anyway, I met with the physician today. You have to be in established patient for at least 90 days in order to be prescribed for. That is why I met with her today so that in three months if I wish to try the medical marijuana, I can. That itself was an interesting experience. She works in a small clinic with two doctors and a few social workers and some teChs. Most of the patients that I could see were fairly poor. I did notice a large sign on the wall indicating that people would pay a sliding fee scale, but that everybody had to pay at least $10 to see the doctor and five dollars for a blood test. They also had a small pharmacy there. The staff was multilingual . It was not the typical doctors office that you usually go to. It was very heartening to see the doctors trying to figure out how to deliver care to the poor without going broke. I assume that they see enough people with good insurance to help offset the costs of seeing poor people. What a concept! Some of the equipment looked well worn. There were rips in the exam table which made me feel a little bit uncomfortable because I do not know how you could wipe down that surface. It seems like a good place to collect bacteria and so forth.

    The doctor did a good history. She also talked to me about CBD oil as well as Marinol. Apparently Marinol is only THC, and in a synthetic form. In contrast to that, medical marijuana comes from the oil of the marijuana plant and it has THC and CBD oil in it. She said that the CBD oil enhances the therapeutic effect of the THC. They work well together to address neuropathy and muscle spasms.

    I am very much looking forward to trying it. I hope it is not too expensive because I do not think that insurance is going to cover it. It would be so nice if I can get rid of the baclofen and just use the medical marijuana, since I do not like some of the side effects of the baclofen. That is a future problem. And who knows? The medical marijuana may also have side effects and may not be as effective as the baclofen.

    I told her that the Marinol has been helping me to recover much faster from swimming and surfing. Instead of taking 4 to 6 hours to recover, it has been taking me 1 to 2 hours. Until last Sunday when I did not recover it all. The Marinol did not help. I am suspicious that last Sunday was actually a small MS attack and not a pseudo-attack from exercise.

    In any case, the doctor told me that Marinol sometimes stops working if you take it on a regular basis. She told me to try taking it less regularly. For example, skip a couple of days, skip some doses. She might be right on that. It was not until Friday before the little attack, that I began to take Marinol three times a day. Before that, I only took a dose before and after exercise. I look forward to trying her method.

    Anyway, if anybody is interested, I would be happy to post my experiences once I can begin the medical marijuana.

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    Follow up:
    I stopped regular use of Marinol and just take it an hour before exercise. It works better again, so maybe that doc is right.

    It's the oddest thing. An hour after taking the Marinol, the legs suddenly feel so much better, neuropathy leaves, muscles feel less tight and the recovery time for the rest of the day is much much shorter,

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    And so on behalf of Grassman, may I wish you a very happy 4/20 day!

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    Thank you...I like remembering Grassman.

    Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says:"Oh Crap, She's up!"

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