Thank-you for adding me to this group!

Since September, I've had countless MRIs and cat scans for three meningiomas, and none of my doctors have mentioned a "well-defined 6mm lesion anterior third ventricle midline regional foramen of Monro most compatible with a colloid cyst". Looking back at my reports, this was also seen while I was at Mayo, yet it's never been mentioned.

I am having on-going symptoms that they have repeatedly told me are not related to my tumors. I get brain fog, blurry vision, puffy eyes, sinus/eye pressure. I have ZERO pain, thankfully.

I get pressure behind my eyes that is made worse by leaning my head back (like on a pillow or the couch), so I thought it was an upper neck issue or tight occipital muscles. I can literally press on the back of my neck and feel the pressure behind my eyes. The eye/sinus pressure is worse when I'm sitting up and being in the car is the absolute worst!

So, I went to a chiropractor, and she said I had a subluxated C1 and C2, which are directly related to the occipital area, which can affect the eyes. So, I THOUGHT I had found an answer.

But now I am VERY worried about this colloid cysts. It seems to be more dangerous than my meningiomas, and maybe it's what been causing me all of my issues.

I don't think I could press on the back of my neck (occipital area) and actually be pressing on anything on the brain, so maybe it IS my neck. But maybe it's this cyst. I feel like a crazy person!

My doctor had scheduled a lumbar puncture for tomorrow, but I have big reservations about doing it after everything I've read here. Honestly, I've rescheduled it twice, which isn't like me. My gut has been telling me not to do it.

I feel very confused. Is it this colloid cyst causing me issues, or is it my cervical issues, both? I'm so sick of going to the doctor already, and now I have this NEW thing to worry about.

Sorry my first post here is long and ranty! :-/