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    My father has been dealing with prostate cancer for a couple of years now and is about to begin treatment. Does anybody have any information or personal testimonials about how marijuana has helped you or your loved ones in their battle with cancer or other illnesses? Any information would be much appreciated. I have read many articles suggesting highly concentrated cannabis oil and certain strains like this blueberry review can be effective not only in treatment of symptoms but also in the actual treatment of the cancer itself. Does anybody know if there is any science behind this? I am very familiar with the high and physical effects of cannabis but I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy in eliminating the cancer cells themselves. Any help or personal testimonials is much appreciated.

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    I'm so sorry that your father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many strides have been made in the past few years treating prostate cancer, and the prognosis is improved, particularly with early detection.

    My son has an enlarged prostate, probably from frequent catheterization and numerous chest x-rays without lead protection over his groin. His urologist told us that red meat is a contributing factor to prostate problems. So if your father eats red meat, I highly recommend that he stop. For any cancer patient, a plant-based diet is preferred, supplemented perhaps with chicken and fish.

    I also recommend the Johanna Budwig protocol, which includes flax seed oil with either cottage cheese or yogurt at least once a day. More is better. Barleans flax seed oil is available in some groceries in the refrigerated section.

    I don't know whether any scientific studies are available indicating that marijuana per se, or certain strains of it, have been found to fight cancer cells. I suggest you research it on line.

    However, I do know that THC/CBD oil, and CBD oil alone, are very beneficial to cancer patients. There isn't a high associated with these oils; rather a sense of well being, and a relaxed state, which helps reduce stress associated with cancer. The oils also assist in preventing nausea, increasing appetite, and inducing sleep for cancer-related insomnia. And of course, pain reduction.

    Members of our BrainTalk forums are using CBD oil and Marinol to treat epilepsy and MS symptoms with success.

    I think it's worth pursuing for your father. He should discuss this option with his oncologist.

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