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Thread: Bladder med?

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    Default Bladder med?

    Is there a latest, greatest bladder med to deal with bladder urgency?

    Last one I was on a long time ago was Ditropan, if I recall. Just wanted to check that there wasn't a better one out now. Thanks!

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    There are a pile of them. I went through Vesicare and Enablex, now there is Toviaz too.
    The one that has worked the best for me and I've been taking for years now is trosopium (Sanctura). And it's generic, which may or may not help your Rx plan cover it.
    I'm sure many others will respond, but I'm sticking with my Trospium.

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    As joshremus said, there are many to choose from.

    I've tried Detrol DS, Ditropan, Ornade and Vesicare. All of them caused a dry mouth problem but Vesicare was much better than the others, IMO. It worked well at limiting frequency and the dry mouth it caused was less bothersome.
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