Hello everyone. It's been a few years since I've popped in but when I do it's for my Wife who has hydrocephalus.

About a month ago the first 3.5 fingers of my right hand went numb and the tingling went up to my elbow. It woke me up in the night with pain. A few days later it spread to the left hand. I went to the chiropractor which did not help. I made an appointment and my doctor ordered a CT scan of my neck. I received the results this last Friday. I learned that I have a congenital birth defect of the arch on c1. The posterior is missing 2.2 inches and the front never fused together. My physician doesn't know if this is causing my issues yet but I have been referred to a neurosurgeon for an opinion. Does anyone in this group have this? If do does it cause you any problems? I'm sorry for the long post.

Thank you