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Thread: Keep on Moving : February 2017

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    :) Tweeker welcome back. I am one of the MSers who can hardly do any exercises. I can take 3 or 4 steps with a walker and get in and out of bed but it is hard. I use a scooter all the time.

    Also I do some isometric exercises when I am laying down. I tighten my glutes and hold for a count of 20 3 times, tighten my quads the same and my abdomen.

    Many days I do no exercises and often stay in bed for 12 or more hours. I wear PJ's many days. I've had MS almost 60 years and have been secondary progressive since the mid 90's. I live alone and find it hard to do many things in the house now. Luckily my son comes by and helps me some.

    I like reading what others are doing and I am impressed with their determination to do some exercise. I have NO energy. I am blessed though that I am not worse. Jeanie :)

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    Hi Jeanie Z - Yeah, I do get it that people try to update us about what their individual physical status is. That's all good. Guess I'm a little jealous now. As things are turning out these days, sometimes I really piss me off. Thanks for your kind words. tweeker
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    :) Also Tweeker if I fall down I cannot get up by myself. I now weigh 218 and it is hard for my son to get me up as I can't really help him. I am one broken bone away from a nursing home.

    I still drive and do my own grocery shopping. I ride my little house scooter to my 17 year old van, lock the house scooter to the carport pole and drive, then get the big scooter out with the ramp. I hang the grocery bags on the handle bars to get them in the house. I buy Lean Cuisine dinners or others and use the microwave or toaster oven to do meals.

    Getting up the energy to dress and go shop is hard and I put things off a lot. Still I am grateful for what I can still do. It would be nice to socialize but I do not have the extra energy for that. Coming on this board everyday is my socializing. Y'all are like family. Jeanie :)
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