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Thread: encephalomalacia the anteroinferior aspect the right temporal lobe

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    Smile encephalomalacia the anteroinferior aspect the right temporal lobe

    Hi, i had a CT scan which gave me the following results. I was curious as to what this really MEANS, how does it affect me on a daily basis, what symptoms or behaviors should i be aware of and how serious is this? Thank you

    Encephalomalacia the anteroinferior aspect the right temporal lobe
    Encephalomalacia in the right temporal lobe from prior trauma. There is minimal involvement in the inferior lateral right frontal There are punctate areas of decreased attenuation scattered throughout the white matter, somewhat greater than expected for the patient's age. Correlate with any history of vascular etiologies, drugs or chronic hypertension. There is no intracranial ........

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    Hi dawn1004,

    Welcome to BrainTalk!

    Encephalomalacia means that you have a softening or loss of tissue in the brain, often due to trauma. The report notes "prior trauma" as a cause of encephalomalacia in the right temporal lobe. Beyond that I can't be of much help, and I don't find any discussion of this condition recently on the BrainTalk forums.

    It is a complex and serious condition, and I have a feeling that any Internet searching might be misleading. I hope you have a competent doctor who can answer your questions. You can find a list of symptoms of encephalomalacia but your particular case may be different from the typical case.
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