I was diagnosed in 2010, when I was 22) and shortly after my husband and I were married. I had a migraine for 3 days so my husband took me to the ER they found a "mass in the brain" and told me to follow up with a neurosurgeon and neurologist within the week. My neurosurgeon sent me for an MRI immediately and told me I had a colloid cyst. Everything happened very quickly and seemed very urgent. After my MRI my neurosurgeon said my cyst was small and I was extremely lucky because they are rarely found this early and that for now I would just need annual MRIs to)check growth with the possibility of surgery one day in the distant future. I did this for three years and everything was fine so he told me I could get MRIs every other year. In 2013 I got pregnant and had to skip my 2014 MRI. I got one in 2015 and he seemed a little concerned because it showed growth, he ordered another MRI for 6 months later, but I got pregnant again and never got it. I've been researching about it and finding all sorts of worrisome info that I never fully knew because my Dr had made me feel it wasn't a huge deal. Now I have two small children that I want to be around for! I'm looking for others' experience with treatment/monitoring. I'm curious how large your cyst was when surgery was recommended and how your recovery was. I've never really been scared about this before, but I want to be proactive and smart because of my babies, I want to be here for them! Thank you in advance for any info and insight you may have!