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    Hello friends I haven't been on a long while but I am so worried about Megan I don't know what to do or think, so I'm gonna post this here and on the CP page. I really need help
    Megan has CP on one side and barely uses the right hand, for many months now she has been having extreme anxiety combined with possible OCD issues. She is constantly looking at her hand and fingers, rubbing it and lately washing her hand consistantley . I took her to the doctor a few months ago and they did an x ray to be sure there wasn't anything broken and they were fine. She keeps calling the area a period and says there is blood and she needs to wash the blood away. She comes up to me full of anxiety and shaky but claims that there is no pain or itching, just keeps telling me period and blood. Recently she has been wanting to take a shower early in the afternoon and her anxiety is so bad I have to give in and let her take one, but this doesn't always calm her down. If we try to look at her hand she screams, I don't think there is pain, again it seems to be an anxiety issue. It's affecting her daily routine and is driving me crazy.
    At this point I am to assume that her hand is bothering her but because of her Autism I cannot get any answers from her as to what is wrong. Can someone with CP have strange feelings in there hand that are unexplainable? I know kind of a silly question but there is nothing I can do to help her the doctors are clueless. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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