((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

On Friday morning when I went on my walk, I noticed 4-5 boxes of Jonís supplies on our porch. They were there, when I returned 30 minutes later.

Jim was unwell and had to go to bed. Jon was asleep, after he had 1 mg Ativan at 3 a.m., since heíd been awake for 36 hours and had only had 2 hours of sleep in 2 days. He ended up sleeping for 17 hours. I was busy caring for them and didnít have a chance to bring in the boxes.

A couple of hours later, I heard a delivery at our front door. So, I peeked out to see what it was.

Jonís boxes of supplies were gone!

Fed Ex had left a box of oranges (we order them on line for fresh juice). But Jonís supplies were gone.

I called Fed Ex to ask whether the driver had inadvertently picked up Jonís supplies. Still havenít heard back.

I called the person in charge of sending our supplies to ask for the vendor and tracking numbers of the packages. I had to leave a message, because itís a holiday, and people have the day off.

Finally, I realized that Jonís supplies were most likely stolen. Friday is our usual trash pick up day, and people often drive up and down our streets looking for cast offs and recyclables. Itís possible that they were also looking for packages on porches, since it is the holiday season. Maybe they thought that Jonís supplies were Christmas gifts or something useful for them. Perhaps they couldnít read, or didnít recognize the name ďMedLineĒ on the boxes. Perhaps they need colostomy bags, suctioning supplies, and 100 ml bottles of saline for catheter irrigation and suctioning traches. But probably not.

However, Jon desperately needs all of those supplies right now, because he is out of them. His urine output is very slow, and he needs an irrigation of his cath. Heís congested from fluid retention and needs suctioning. But we have no sterile saline.

As long as he doesnít have a bowel movement, heís okay without those colostomy bags. But he needs a BM desperately, and weíre planning to give him more MOM tomorrow.

Stealing packages off of homeowners' porches is terrible, but stealing medical supplies from a man, who needs them to survive, is despicable.

Iím furious. And helpless.

The amount of deliveries weíve had to our front door over 40 years is mind boggling. This has never happened before. Itís not just disheartening. It jeopardizes Jonís health.

It sure has put a damper on the holiday spirit in our home.

Love & Light,