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Thread: Politics

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    Thanks everyone. I did loose my temper because I had been cautioned not to talk politics around this sister-in-law and on several occasions she has posted things knowing my feelings, so I felt like I had to defend this. I thought if I didn't speak out now I never would. The pictures of Nancy Pelosi and Schumer were the kind that had them looking very hard and mean, and talked about all that they were doing away with and the people they were putting at risk.

    At this point, I am not sorry I posted it. I stuck by not posting things like that, but she has not. Sometime you have to stand up for what you feel is right or you don't stand for anything. I almost went a step further and told her that her two post that she shared probably came from Russian bots.

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    You didn’t attack her. If she took it personally, that’s on her.

    Florida has a short memory BTW. In 2004 when hurricanes devastated the state, illegal immigrants rebuilt it. There were not enough legals to do the work. And many refused to do the sweltering disgusting work of tearing out the molded and rain soaked dry wall.

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    Virginia, you absolutely should speak out! Silence is an act of submission, and we will not submit!! You argued using provable FACTS, not "alternative facts".

    Family dynamics can be a problem. I have somewhat the same, also with a SIL. My husband is as progressive as I am (way, way left). She is far far right. We get into these sorts of "disagreements" often....and steam for awhile, but then are back in touch. I hope the same for you!

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