Hi braintalk forum

I'm wondering if this sound like low intracranial pressure, or for that matter, anything that you have read or heard about:

-occipital intracranial pressure sensation, feels like it's coming from top of spine. Pressure is dull, not painful. Can be constant to point of nausea.
-I sometimes have odd feelings of soreness in jaw/teeth as well as what i can only describe as tingling in the sinuses.

symptoms come on when sitting, particularly in bucket / soft seats. Standing/running does not aggravate it.

what relieves the pressure:
- alcohol (near instantaneous)
- being on an airplane (reduced air pressure?) gives me relief for following day
- lying down
- exercise, except for lifting

I have had this for 10 years, with no change
-eye exams/MRI have shown nothing
-have had multiple nerve blocks to no effect
-dont have tmj, clean dental bill of health
-no pain anywhere else except in head

I have posted responses to other threads online, but never heard back from op. hopefully someone here has some ideas.

thank you