Hello, my name is Niko and I have had hydrocephalus since I was three weeks old. I had my first shunt put in when I was six weeks old, and my doctor said that I was a special case and that they would need to re-write the medical journals because of me. My last shunt lasted 23 years, which as I am led to believe is unheard of. It took my doctors six months to figure out that my shunt was, indeed no longer working. I had severe headaches for a year. I slept for nearly twenty-four hours straight, only getting up long enough to eat a single meal before going back to bed. After my operation, I needed to stay in the hospital for a week because I wasn't able to eat, and barely had enough strength to get to the bathroom. It is now three years later, and my headaches have not stopped in that whole time (I was told that they should stop when my brain gets used to not having excess fluid on it because it had gone so long with the fluid building up. I have also had trouble eating ever since my operation. Most days, I need to wait 3-4 hours before I can even think of food (my record is six hours,) if I attempt to eat sooner, I vomit. Yesterday I was able to eat within an hour of getting out of bed. I wasn't so lucky today, and didn't eat anything for the first 3 hours of being awake. This has resulted in severe weight loss. When I asked the surgeon that performed the operation, he told me to wait before eating. Is this a problem for anybody else? If so, how do you combat it?