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Thread: Advice needed, possible cranial leak

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    Default Advice needed, possible cranial leak

    Hi All,

    First time poster here from the UK. I was hoping for some advice. I have suspected for the past 2 years that I have a Cranial leak. The only symptom up until recently is a flow of clear watery fluid from my right nostril when bending. This only happens once every so often and I can go for months with nothing at all. I have recently experienced dizziness and ear fullness as well as brain fog. No severe hades he's though.

    I have seen 2 ENT specialists, had CT and MRI scans and have collected numerous samples for Beta2 transfurin (only ever small amounts and concerned that they may give a false negative - however doc assured me they were ample).

    All medical pros I have seen have said they can't see anything indicative of a leak and all Beta tests are negative. I have been diagnosed with health anxiety over the last few years with a specific fear of infections such as meningitis so obviously a possible CSF leak terrifies me!!

    My family are sick of me worrying and my wife has now begun to get frustrated with me as they all feel that I have had tests done and all come back negative so my
    GP and family think I am focussing on it due to my anxiety.

    I basically don't know what to do! Do I continue to worry about it and if so what further can / should I do or do I put it all down to my anxiety and ignore the possible leaking as a sinus issue.

    Any advice etc would be amazing! I just need to vent and get some opinions.

    Thank you!

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    While I know next to nothing about CSF leaks, I do know a little about sinuses. My husband, who is British coincidentally, has had sinus issues for many years, had sinus surgery 30+ years ago, and he has clear nasal drainage on a daily basis. Some of that is likely the result of allergies, some of it is probably related to a sinus abnormality. He also has sleep apnea.

    What medication are you taking for your anxiety? I recommend that you look it up in our Drug Info link to see whether it could be the cause of your brain fog, dizziness, and nasal drainage.

    Along with your anxiety med, are you receiving any counseling or therapy to help you with your anxiety? Have you tried meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques?

    What is the basis for your fear that you have a CSF leak or that you might get meningitis? Do you have family members or friends, who have been ill with infections or neurological conditions? It might help you to overcome your fear, if you can address its cause.

    Why aren't you reassured with the results of your tests and with the assessments of your physicians?

    It seems that your fear and anxiety are impacting your life and your relationships adversely, so I think that getting a handle on that would help you immensely. If you can turn your negatives into positives, think the best rather than the worst, you'll be calmer and much happier. And so will your wife and family.

    Unless new symptoms arise or existing symptoms become more intense or more frequent, perhaps your best path is to conquer your fear and anxiety. Then you can spend your time enjoying your life.

    Life is what you make it, so make the most of it.

    Love & Light,

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    Hi Rose,

    Thank you so much for your reply! Much appreciated!

    I have been receiving counselling for my anxiety and it has improved my mental state significantly over the past year. I have been on Citalopram for over a year but was experiencing these symptoms (particularly) nasal drainage long before taking the medication.

    You are completely right about this effecting my life negatively. I am seriously worried that if I can't get some resolution, either medically for the physical symptoms or mentally then I could end up pushing family and loved ones away.

    I know several people that have had meningitis one of whom died when I was a kid so I think that must be where my fear comes from. However Meningitis is the main complication risk if you have a cranial CSF leak. My main reason for thinking I have one is the very distinctive drainage that literally gushes out something's when I bend, that and all the other symptoms. All are indicative of a CSF leak and I just can't see what else it could reasonably be!

    The main reason I am struggling to accept the doctors diagnosis is that from research I have done (lots) I know how hard a sporadic leak can be to confirm / rule out. I just don't know what to do!


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