Hi All,

First time poster here from the UK. I was hoping for some advice. I have suspected for the past 2 years that I have a Cranial leak. The only symptom up until recently is a flow of clear watery fluid from my right nostril when bending. This only happens once every so often and I can go for months with nothing at all. I have recently experienced dizziness and ear fullness as well as brain fog. No severe hades he's though.

I have seen 2 ENT specialists, had CT and MRI scans and have collected numerous samples for Beta2 transfurin (only ever small amounts and concerned that they may give a false negative - however doc assured me they were ample).

All medical pros I have seen have said they can't see anything indicative of a leak and all Beta tests are negative. I have been diagnosed with health anxiety over the last few years with a specific fear of infections such as meningitis so obviously a possible CSF leak terrifies me!!

My family are sick of me worrying and my wife has now begun to get frustrated with me as they all feel that I have had tests done and all come back negative so my
GP and family think I am focussing on it due to my anxiety.

I basically don't know what to do! Do I continue to worry about it and if so what further can / should I do or do I put it all down to my anxiety and ignore the possible leaking as a sinus issue.

Any advice etc would be amazing! I just need to vent and get some opinions.

Thank you!