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Thread: partial seizure questions?

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    Thanks so much! So you have both epilepsy and diabetes then I'm guessing??? Can't low blood sugar also lead to seizures if its severe enough??
    Does low blood sugar also make you dizzy? My friend has a brain injury that contributes to episodes of dizziness and is also diabetic so I always wonder if the blood sugar levels are effecting the dizziness. I was never sure since his symptoms seem to come and go on their own instead of getting progressively worse like I have been told low blood sugar would progress if the person doesn't eat. Low blood sugar symptoms don't come and go in the early stages do they? Let me know?
    Howdy funnylegs!

    Different people have different "triggers" that set off their seizures.
    To the best of my knowledge, my epileptic and diabetic incidents have nothing to do with each other.

    The only thing that makes it confusing is that the same sensations are involved.
    Lightheadedness and something like vertigo (balance problems) are the basic symptoms.

    If I break out into a sweat, I should consume some carbohydrates (I carry dextrose tablets) because, if I don't, uncontrollable shaking is the next step in low glucose (for me.)
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