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Thread: CSF leak? Ear clogged, bad taste, post MVD

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    Default CSF leak? Ear clogged, bad taste, post MVD

    Had MVD for glossopharyngeal neuralgia 6/13/16. For the past 3 wks I've had what feels like fluid in my ear- that is now completely clogged, pulsating throbbing over my incision site( not really painful- just throbs with pulse), horrible taste in my mouth especially with sweets or carbs, dizzy especially upon rising. I saw my neurosurgeon and he ordered an MRI with and without contact of the brain and auditory canal. I am wondering if this may be a csf leak. I really don't have the headaches. Thanks for any help. I have an appt Nov 10 for results but hope to goodness I hear before then. Hearing is becoming an issue- breathing and my voice are echoing in my ear.

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    WELCOME, cape3!

    I hope that you'll get some good medical answers when you go to your appointment. Is there any chance that you could be seen earlier? Sometimes if you ask, you can be put on a list for people to be notified in case someone cancels an appointment.

    I don't pretend to know anything about microvascular decompression but your symptoms don't sound pleasant. I found this about CSF leaks, and they don't have to involve a headache:

    Sorry I can't be more helpful!
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    Any Updates ?

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