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Thread: 10 years of head pressure, any ideas?

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    Default 10 years of head pressure, any ideas?

    Hi braintalk forum

    I'm wondering if this sound like low intracranial pressure, or for that matter, anything that you have read or heard about:

    -occipital intracranial pressure sensation, feels like it's coming from top of spine. Pressure is dull, not painful. Can be constant to point of nausea.
    -I sometimes have odd feelings of soreness in jaw/teeth as well as what i can only describe as tingling in the sinuses.

    symptoms come on when sitting, particularly in bucket / soft seats. Standing/running does not aggravate it.

    what relieves the pressure:
    - alcohol (near instantaneous)
    - being on an airplane (reduced air pressure?) gives me relief for following day
    - lying down
    - exercise, except for lifting

    I have had this for 10 years, with no change
    -eye exams/MRI have shown nothing
    -have had multiple nerve blocks to no effect
    -dont have tmj, clean dental bill of health
    -no pain anywhere else except in head

    I have posted responses to other threads online, but never heard back from op. hopefully someone here has some ideas.

    thank you

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    I'm sorry I don't have any knowledge of your situation. It seems that they may be long term symptoms after having CSF. Did you have a leak in the past?
    I had a CSF 14 years ago and have had some lingering symptoms ever since. Mine are more like high pressure symptoms. Head fills like it's going to explode. Especially when laying on my stomach. I feel my heart beats and makes swishing noise in my head. And other various things. I haven't sought any help from doctors for any of these symptoms because I had such a difficult time being diagnosed with CSF.....I don't think doctors would be of any assistance.

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