Hi all,

I had my meningiuma removed on July 26th and there has been many issues since then. I had been on
PANTOPRAZOLE, DEXAMETHAS, LEVETIRACETAM and LORAZPAM. From the day of surgery until September 10th when they finally decided tonstop all the medicationds, I wasn't getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep each night.

They just stopped the medication on September 10th and since then I have been sleeping through the night but I have been experiencing a very bad headache which basically starts in the morning OR when I am sleeping and it wakes me up and I am in pain all day. Did anyone have these headaches, too? Is it normal?

Also, I have been hearing a clicking noise coming from my head, is thia normal?

Also, my vision is affected by the surgery and I no longer can glance at a screen and see/read the whole thing at once. I see the left half and have to move my eyes and scan the right half to be able to see it. Has anyone had to deal with this issue?

Please help me, any help would be much appreciate it. My doctor is on vacation for the next two weeks and his assistant doesn't want to recommend anything until the doctor returns.

Thank you.