Hi guys, I have been working on my film(s) so I have NOT seen episodes in awhile. This show is unfortunately not as high on my watch list as some others but I haven’t totally given up yet.

More “Speechless” thoughts:

My review of “Surprise”: I love seeing Dylan younger. What a cutie! I also like how much effort Maya puts into Dylan’s parties, because it shows she puts effort into letting all the kids know they are loved. That scene in the shoe store about the terms had me ROLF! Too funny! That was exactly what I was trying to explain in a speech last week LOL. I thought it was so sweet how Dylan said she did not want to share her mom. I also liked JJ’s comment about being the big brother. JJ being able to get to the mall without Kenneth or anyone else there doesn’t make much sense at all given what the rest of the series suggests about his physical abilities but at least it shows JJ being clever.

My review of “Ding” : The “License for that thing” line happens to me when I use my scooter. Good to see what Kenneth has another job when he’s not with JJ. I like how JJ handled that guy who touched/pushed his wheelchair! The plot with Maya dinging a car and the whole red soda plot was dumb and a bit boring to me, but the ending with Kenneth was nice. Now we know Kenneth is likely paid by the parents privately, not by the school.

All in all these last 2 episodes were better than the "Oscars" episode.