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Transition planning is a process mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) for all students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in K-12 education. The purpose is to facilitate the student's move from school to post-school activities.

So the Dimeo's would have a pretty reliable idea of when JJ was going to graduate long before that year.. I know the back story is JJ has changed schools bnch of times due to Mya's wanting to find the perfect situation for JJ. I do not find that believable. Yes, kids with disabilities change schools; but the reasons tend to be the same as why any student changes schools; for some reason their family moves.. When it's all about the kid w a disability, in those cases, the kid normally stays in the same school or only changes once or twice. I mean all public schools in America have to abide by IDEA; so how different can it be? And, I don't know this based on both my experience and not knowing how schools handle it, but I'd guess the old school would send the students IEP to the new district and the new district has so munch time, probably specified/ by federal law, to write a new IEP. I'd also guess the new district would consider the old IEP.

It's just not real to my a student going into 11th grade with no school history, any kid, and if a kid has a para that means they have an IEP.(Pretty sure) Kids with IEPs are tracked so much more closely than kids w/o IEPs since 3.. I mean I had like days of testing/evals every 3 years in school. The district even sent their social worker to my house for a home study because stats are kids with disabilities are more likely to be abused in their home and less likely/able to report.. I guess that was the district's justification or the reason for the law that the district needed to follow. I do not blame mom for being annoyed at this-feeling they're just being nosey. Yeah, like I'd tie my disabled kid up right before the stupid appointment, please.. Do not blame ma one bit-no kid was ever abused or harmed in my parents home.. But she was like gotta do what I gotta do.. It's stupid but, whatever. (I was too young to really be outraged or understand what was going on, I just remember mom mentioning it. I do not think HS district did a home study; that would so bothered me!)

We are way tracked and evaled... 90% sure if we switch districts are records get transferred. Even in cases where parents are really low functioning and do not attend IEPs or keep records, the district probably just can call the child's last district and get em sent over.

Again academically JJ doesn't make sense.. The documentary a certain proof, I'll post the link below goes into how hard it is to get districts to presume academic competence of students with severe communication disabilities or are non-verbal, how hard it is to get these students placed in grade level reged classes. That so contradicts the JJ shows up at 16, school just puts him in REGED junior classes, he is nowhere near that on a academic level but is allowed to slide cause of cp

I liked the last three eps betters; the 18th bday one had lots of good stuff.. We do face and feel 18 is different for us then our peers. My 18th Bday I was packing, or trying to pack, to leave for college in a few days. So on one level I was doing the same thing as my peers. One another level; my peers/friends were driving-I wasn't. Most of my friends had jobs or some job experience, I did not. Most of my peers had way more experience with guys than I. I found that relatable.

The party fell into the shows annoyance of mine, that it's just over the top. Who wouldn't ask their 18 y/o what do you want to do for your bday? What do you want? Who'd plan a friggin kiddie party for their 18 y/o and invite 'popular' w/o their child's permission, those people they've never been around prior, nothing leads me to believe my kid and them are friends.. I don't blame JJ for being pissed-but, to me, it would never get to that point..Or, maybe my parents were just really good at letting go of us being in the little kids stage.. And asking us, what do we want to do for birthdays- IDK

Some good stuff; I liked a the convenience store scene, thought that was cute. But, at least partly due to my own negative experiences, wish it wasn't with Kenneth!! They need more characters, so Kenneth isn't always used in unrealistic ways.. JJ could have a best friend, or a typical twin whose great in wanting to be with his twin, or Mya a best friend. I am not saying JJ's character shouldn't have a para or that Kenneth's character shouldn't be on the show. Just he is way to big of part on the show!

I really liked the story line with JJ's character's reservation about hanging one on one with a new friend. How JJ cannot just change plans at the drop of the hat; and that is a real hindrance to teenage life.. That was all real to me. I liked the ending, how the other kid also thought it was due to his insecurities.

The Kenneth/ Dad's story line-stupid. Again, I really doubt my dad ever knew my para's name..When he'd see I wasn't happy-he'd say I am sorry they're giving you rough time at school but, your mom will deal with it. Again, we we're a 'nice family' but, everyone still had their own lives in my house..

I liked Mya and Ray's story line. Regarding the Ray's break-up and them at the mall.

Last weeks: I loved JJ's film had nothing to do with cp or educating his class about it-YES!! I also loved the school made accommodations for him to be able to take film as an elective. My school a lot of elective's they said no, you cannot take.. It seemed like they felt they only had to provide me with the requirements to earn a diploma, we knew they were violating law but just picked our battles

Season finale tomorrow night

Thanks for the info on transition planning and the documentary. I had never even heard of that documentary. I never had transition planning at all as far as I know. I told my schools and home school coordinators I planned to apply for college and my family did everything themselves so I really don't have a context for transiting planning accuracy. That's interesting about the home study. I know of a family that randomly had a home study forced on them because the kid was disabled and the school thought it was caused by poor diet when it was something else that caused the disability. I will check out the last few eps later and give a full review. ;)