I have suffered from migraines with aura since 13, I have had two concussions, one serious with amnesia. 7 years ago I had Transient Global Amnesia after a strenuous workout. It resolved within 8 hours. After that I would have episodes that were thoughts that I tried to follow, like a dream, I once had an unpleasant smell. After one episode, I drove home and did not remember the drive. These occurred only after a heavy upper body workout. Pull-ups with the last few assisted. I have seen a neurologist, have had several MRI's and EEG's, all normal except white matter consistent with chronic migraine. I was medicated with topamax and Lamictal, individually. I became manic on Lamictal and had too many cognitive issues with Topamax. My neurologist thought that they might be migraine variant. I learned to reduce my exercise and minimize the events. I surf and swim and now have had episodes lasting three seconds after those exercises. I went to an epilepsy center that wanted to do another MRI and the video EEG. The physician thought it probably was TLE and a reflex seizure. I refused the studies because of the determination of the MD to medicate me for the episodes. I have had three lasting 3 seconds in the last year. He also was not going to try and produce the episodes. The thought of sitting in a bed for 2 to 5 days was difficult to wrap my head around, and after having had such terrible reactions to seizure meds...I have also reacted to meds as minimal as singular and Chantix.
To my questions, what are the chances these could become more than what they have been in the last 7 years? Would medication be an absolute if diagnosed with reflex seizures? TLE? From my understanding, medication is not usually effective with TLE.
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