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Thread: Loss of vision in right side of visual field, both eyes, five times over two years

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    Default Loss of vision in right side of visual field, both eyes, five times over two years

    Loss of vision in right side of visual field, both eyes, five times, twice with speaking disorders.
    First time 18 months ago. Visual problem resolved in 10 minutes after aspirin, followed by verbal deficits for half an hour. CAT scan of brain two days later showed no problems
    Then on 16 of June this year, same: visual disturbance, right side of both eyes, resolved after aspirin in 10 minutes. Drove self to hospital in 20 minutes. At intake I could not speak clearly. Could not pronounce name of common objects (a pen being held in front of me). CAT scan OK, and by the time I was ready for MRI, all issues resolved.
    Two smaller events a week later; visual field right side; like static on a TV, also short lived.
    Tonight, Aug 16, same; felt very tired, drove home OK from work, right side of vision broken up, again like TV static. Also noted that for part of the time I could not focus on center of text in a book; could see OK the left side of the line of text, not the right or center. Chewed on lots of aspirin; OK after half an hour.
    QUESTON: WHY THE SAME SYMPTOMS? In other words, why the same part of the brain being effected?
    These have been diagnosed as TIAs. Itís been suggested itís all due to a fibroelastoma seen on an aortic valve by a TEE. I bought this diagnosis and am looking into having the damn thing removed, but now I donít get why the clots formed by it would travel to the same part of the brain each time. I have no other symptoms; that is I dont lose hearing, or balance or memory or the hundred other things that a TIA/stroke might do.
    These recurring symptoms are telling us something. What??

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    Hi Byterbit, and WELCOME!

    I'm unable to answer your question about the fibroelastoma but maybe you don't know that your visual problem is known as homonymous hemianopsia (or hemianopia), and you can find out a bit more about it here:

    I've had this symptom but it was a rarer form (called altitudinal homonymous hemianopsia), where the bottom half of the visual field in both eyes disappears. Luckily it lasted only a short time but long enough to cause me to fall.

    Visual field defects are common in MS, which I have.

    It doesn't sound as if your symptoms are typical of MS. The combination of the visual field defect with the speech problems indicate something else going on.

    I'm not a medical authority, just someone who has had MS for decades. I hope you have a doctor you have confidence in--someone who can give you some answers about a possible connection between your TIA symptoms and the fibroelastoma.
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    Sounds like a basic TIA but I'm no expert.
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