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Thread: LP then 3 Blood Patches, Doctors give up.

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    Default LP then 3 Blood Patches, Doctors give up.


    I had a LP June 7th to test for MS(it came back negative). However, following the LP I had a 10/10 positional headache, crawling to bathroom, eating from laying down position etc. So 3 days later I had a blood patch # 1. Which reduced my 10/10 to a 5/10. Then July 3rd I had blood patch #2, no change in positional headache. August 1st I had blood patch #3, no change in positional headache. I can't sneeze, cough or walk up the stairs without making my headache worse. I wake up every morning without a headache and lay there in bed thinking this is the day...then 30minutes later the headache comes on and last ALL day.

    My doctors here in MT have thrown their hands up saying it's impossible to still have an LP headache after 3 blood patches. Where do I go and how do I get this fix when doctors say it can't be true after 3 blood patches? What next steps diagnostically will help prove it's an LP or other? I found a Dr. Shievink in CA and have sent my info to him, but I imagine it will take a long time to get in and would love to end this headache sooner than later.

    Thank you for any guidance, advice or success stories.

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