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Thread: Probably a whisper away from being diagnosed.............

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    Default Probably a whisper away from being diagnosed.............

    30 years ago had MS symptoms, Dr. said we would treat them by symptom, and now.....I walk like a drunk and crash into things since 6/2016. It is resolving, maybe 50% and I CAN CONTROL IT. I have had 30 good years!!!!! She ordered MRI brain, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. So far all clear but some demyelinated areas ( chronic) nothing acute in brain, motor cortex right side. Radiologist said "suggestive of MS." ( Matched the MRI of 30 years ago.) She said I have some right sided weakness, so I went off to P.T. , who said "VERY LITTLE WEAKNESS." I see neurologist end of month and my question is: SHOULD I BUY A BOX OF WINE TO CALM ME DOWN?"
    Thank you. This is my first post.

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