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Thread: Something in local news I found interesting re: stem cells

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    Default Something in local news I found interesting re: stem cells

    On our local news last night they were talking about a Superior Court Judge who had been told at one point that he had about 3 months to live. He had some kind of blood cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. He is very well liked and many, many people had offered to donate but there had been no match. Even one man he sent to prison for 15 years tried to be a donate, but he was not a match either.

    So, the Judge is back on the bench and he looks great. He had "umbilical cord stem cell transplant". Why would that not work for MS? Or is this a matter of money?

    I med this Judge one time at a News Year's Eve party. It was either right before or right after I was diagnosed. He is very muscular and works out. I knew someone back then who was a good friend of his. I can tell you there would be some deep pockets around this man if it was just money. He again looks very fit and looks as though he is working out. He says he feels wonderful.

    I thought maybe that some of our smarter minds regarding research and stem cells might be able to tell me if this would work for us.

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    I don't qualify as one of the smarter minds around here but I happened to notice your post. I found this from the National MS Society, and one sentence in it probably answers your question:

    There is currently no solid evidence that umbilical cord blood stem cells have the ability to be transformed into other types of cells, such as replacement nerve tissue or myelin-making cells.
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