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    Have not been on here much since my diagnosis was changed from schizoaffective to personality disorder, and the forum for PDs was discontinued.
    I virtually stopped posting around 2009 after being attacked on the autism forum for posting articles and being subjected to a lot of nastiness.
    I remember when BT was a thriving community in the early noughties. It now seems virtually dead which is a shame. I think it lost more and more members each time the software was upgraded.
    It was a shame that people chose to attack me for posting articles as it was done with the most benign of intentions. I was merely trying to help in the way I was best equipped to do so.
    It was not all bad here though especially in the early days. It's a shame those days went to be replaced with a much more unpleasant atmosphere.
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    Yet inside there is this perpetual nagging doubt;
    the feeling we are possessed by a 'subtle lack of togetherness''.

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