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    Well today marks the 8th year of surviving since the first ruptured annie,June 4th marks the re-rupture and coiling.Just wanted to say thanks for all the support, that i was given by the BT family.Seems that the family has all gone their separte ways ..hope everyone is doing well.

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    I'm not quite family as I just joined the site, but I still want to say congratulations. Are you from NC? I am in Elizabeth City.

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    Thank You. Yes i am from NC about 30 minutes North of Raleigh.

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    That practically makes us neighbors as well as family.

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    I pretty much never come on here, but was thinking of you my friend in June (I couldn't remember the exact date though). I hope you are well Jimmy!!
    Are you on Facebook yet??? xx
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    Hello Nat..
    I am doing good,hope you are..You still on Facebook?
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    Congrats on keeping on living Jimmy! I hope you haven't had too tough a time and things are good.

    Stay strong and take care of yourself.
    Ruptured 11mm annie on 10/5/06. Left internal carotid artery. Coiled at Maine Med. Portland, ME. 16 coils. Coils compacting Dec. 2010. Stent implanted 3/16/2011 and 4 more new coils added 4/27/2011 by Dr. Ecker. Another 4mm annie discovered Dec. 2010. Older sister died from rupture 5/29/12. Smaller annie grew & was clipped in Jan. 2014. Orig. annie getting new remnant. Possible flow diversion needed now. Check out my Brain Blog: Brain Blog

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    Thanks Heidi

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