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Thread: Bell's Palsy or simply nerve damage with paralyzed face?

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    Default Bell's Palsy or simply nerve damage with paralyzed face?

    I had Bell's Palsy 30 years ago. What I am experiencing now after being rear ended in a car wreck is not the same but similar in that my eye won't blink, nostril will not flare, lip does not move on right side but the big difference is I can feel my hand upon my face and I experience horrible pain daily as if an ear infection, abscessed tooth, and baseball bat all hit me at once on the right side. The pain will calm then returns each day to wake me. I've seen 3 doctors so fall..all three are baffled. I see a neurologist in two weeks (I need him now). I am fearing this is permanent. My Bell's palsy 30 years ago gave no pain, was numb like I had bee filled up with novacaine and was over in 3 weeks.

    I am taking a nerve pain med and it works most of the time then fails me on some days too as I grip my head, sit, and try to mentally overcome the pain that at one time I thought would throw me into shock. It was more intense than shingle pain I have experienced.

    Does anyone have a thought on what I may have? Could it be a form of Bell's Palsy different than my first go round? This condition did not appear until a few days after I got a substantial blow to the back of my truck that whip lashed my very sensitive neck that already has had ACDF surgery with hardware and donor bone. I have gotten a lawyer simple because I'm afraid and don't know what I'm doing, what's wrong, and neither does three doctors so far.

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