Hi. I know this forum was way more active years ago but I hope I'll find some answers here anyway ! :)
3 days BEFORE my LP, a very slight bilateral tinnitus hyperacusis and clogged ears feeling came from nowhere.

I then had a LP and, the day after, a post lumbar puncture syndrome. Headaches, vertigo, and my ear issues were way more intense.
I had a blood patch 5 days after, but sadly it was was completely ineffective.

I stayed laying down 23h a day for 2 weeks before the headaches disappeared in a couple of days, which was kinda impressive.

I still had irritating ear issues, plus vertigo, plus very, very bad nights which started with the post lumbar puncture. A lot of vivid, anxious dreams and nightmares, short nights, awaking every hour. I also had a weird sensation in the back of my head but I didn't notice it at this time because of all my other symptoms.
I wasn't feeling well.

I was taking small doses of alprazolam (3 x 0.125g a day) for my anxiety but the horrible nights stayed the same. One week after the headaches was gone, because of my rough nights and ears issues, I had sort of a breakdown and cried in the morning, then in the afternoon I was exhausted. I had an appointment with a doctor which replaced my aprazolam by bromazepam. She told me to take half a pill (a pill is 6g) in case of panic attack and half a pill before sleeping.
I took only half a pill before sleeping. Two nights after, I was sleeping well.

I then reduced the dose to ¼ a pill before sleeping, and my nights were as good.

Because I was feeling better, I took a look at my current symptoms and I noticed that I had a very weird, unpleasant, mind-numbing feeling in the back of my head. Like a pressure issure or a weight. My vertigo was still here and constant since the LP, althought it seems to be reduced when I'm laying down.
After a few days I noticed that this head feeling was always absent when waking up and during the morning, and slowly increased during the day to be sort of "debilitating" at the end of the day.

I had my lumbar puncture 1 month and 1 week ago, and I still have this feeling which drives me crazy some days.
As I said, it is ALWAYS absent when waking up the morning and for the next hours.

Sometimes, it fluctuates.
Today, it was bad from 11 am to around 14-15 pm, where it almost disappeared. It came back around 19pm.

But most of the time, it increases in the afternoon and is worse at evening.

I also have a slight pain between two vertebras. I noticed then pain when leaning front, and the pain is also here when I put a slight pressure with my finger between these two vertebras, which is I think the area where I had my LP and/or my blood patch.

Do you think this could be characteristic of a slow or intermittent leak after my LP ? I couldn't talk to my neurologist and my next appointment is in september, but I'm not sure leaks are his specialty because he had no idea that ear issues could be a consequence of a lumbar puncture.

I read this archived message in which the author describes symptoms very similar to mine : http://www.braintalkcommunities.org/...ad.php?t=28911