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    I am a 29 year old practice Manager/software Engineer and needed your expertise opinion. I was referred to neurologist back in April for my symptoms (zoned out all day, not thinking clearly, focus issues, occasional white floaters/lights in vision, irritating etc) for which I was referred to perform MRI head and routine EEG. EEG was normal and MRI was essentially normal (2 or 3 small T2 hyperintensities left subinsular WM & right frontal WM probably at upper limit of normal and could reflect small perivascular spaces. NO intracranial mass lesion, intracranial haemorrhage or any evidence of hydrocephalus). Neuro discharged me with a conclusion "From organic point of view tests are normal and more on psychological basis" and stated that these findings/spots on MRI are age related, 1 dot per 10 years of life. All my blood profiles are completely normal and my GP is keep concluding the matter as an anxiety related which I am not really convinced from non of the answers.

    I need your opinion of weather I will benefit from a second neurology opinion as, I continue to have the symptoms and feel that my symptoms are gone worse and sometimes feel cognitively impaired or I just accept the fact that it is just anxiety.

    All my hormones TSH, T4 were normal including fasting glucose and hba1c

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    Hi Kamavi, and Welcome!

    Although I've never heard that there's one white dot for every 10 years of life, I have heard that the white spots on an MRI can be due to demyelinating disease (like MS) or due to normal aging. The location of those spots as well as your symptoms could help the neuro to decide whether you have something other than aging going on.

    I've had MS for over 30 years, and your symptoms don't sound strikingly like MS. Floaters in the eye can be quite normal, or they can be a danger sign. You should see an ophthalmologist about them if they don't seem like the usual, run-of-the-mill floaters:

    Why not consult an ophthalmologist about your eye problems? And it does seem as if the neuro has been unnecessarily dismissive--though if you were vague about specifying your symptoms, maybe you should be more precise next time you see a doctor.

    If you see the eye doctor and still feel that you have problems that aren't being addressed, by all means get a second opinion. If finances are an issue, you might want to be very careful in choosing the neurologist and try to make sure you find someone who won't just send you on your way.

    Your post here isn't very specific. For instance, when you say "not thinking clearly, focus issues, occasional white floaters/lights in vision," I'm not sure if you're talking about mental focus issues or visual focus issues.

    Good luck to you, and I hope that you'll find some answers so you can feel better.
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