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Thread: 'Tis the Troll again -- Pain-free, drink--free, sorta -- but not rant-free ;>o

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    Default 'Tis the Troll again -- Pain-free, drink--free, sorta -- but not rant-free ;>o

    Dave here. Been a long while since I have haunted those hallowed boards...but...I just came in from working on my car (a hobby, I think I screw up more than I fix) and went to the refrigerator and realized I was reaching for coconut water, not whiskey (or it's relatives).

    Then, I realized I have been pretty much pain free almost a month.

    That seems very strange that I did not realize that before. And, you know, when the pain more or less left, it seems that I automatically cut back on the alcohol.

    Now, of course, Mark and you others that know about pain, probably know that when I say no pain, the phrase is relative.

    No pain for me, or a lot of you others, would probably be quite a bit for other folks. But, considering I am on NO MEDs, except what I buy over the counter at the local liquor emporium, that is something. I don't even take ibuprofen or aspirin.

    Anyway, this whole "out of the blue" (I can't spell spontaneous) thing is actually a bit scary. I have to believe that God is playing with me and is going to come back and smack me pretty good here in a week or three.

    Background: ACDF 5/6 -- never actually fused after surgery, but stablized, supposedly. Bi-lateral hand/arm pain. Neuropathy legs and feet

    Well, I will enjoy while I can.

    And, I hope I keep reaching for the coconut water! Hmmm. coconut water and rum....I wonder --- STOP IT -- BAD TROLL


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