I'm begging people please help me.

Here is my history: I have had 4 sudden headaches with orgasm 3 of which were located at the front of my head, and one at the back (the worst one) I wouldn't describe them as severe but moderate in pain. and one sudden moderate headache that came on immediately after a headache. My vision did not go right after the 'argument' headache and I went to a&e (had been to a&e at a different hospital a few times prior to this about the orgasm headaches an one time about this headache) the medic decided to giver an mri and an mrv (not an mra) I am 33 weeks pregnant. The scan was done 72 hours after the 'argument' headache and the orgasm headaches began occurring between 1.5-2 weeks (maybe more?) before the scan.

If there's any doctors/healthcare professionals on here can you please tell me how accurate an mri and mrv are in diagnosing an aneurysm, do I need an mra ASAP?

Can anyone with an experience of a sentinel headache please let me know what it felt like? Was it worse than a migrane, the worst pain you've ever felt in your life? Is it likely I've had one? Please help me. I can't eat, drink of sleep. I can't function at all I'm so terrified of a rupture at any minute. My last head was 8 days ago.

I should comment I orgasmed earlier (I wanted to see what would happen) and i did not get a headache, does that mean everything is ok now? I had taken paracetamol 3 hours prior to this.