My daughter just turned 12. In November I took her to a neurologist for a headache of 3 weeks. They admitted her to children's hospital straight from her appointment . They did an mri which was negative. And tried alot of drugs..none helped. Here we are in may and she has never had a day without a headache. About 4 days a week they are extremely painful. She has no sensitivity to light. They are always worse behind the eyes. Laying down helps but just a little. She has a supraglottic hemangioma that has required 35 surgeries and as a little one had benign recurrent sixth nerve palsy. Her ENT said all is normal in sinus and ears. We are at a loss as she is so uncomfortable. There has been no further evaluation with the neurologist except her mri in November and trying drugs. Has anyone heard of anything like this..... so recap....constant headache. ..never goes away but can get more dealable somedays...pain behind eyes and in head. Sometimes feels very off balance and sometimes when it's really bad she gets blurry vision. ...she is incredibly smart and is in gifted classes. .she pushes through school barely. ..and crashes when she gets home. Someone please help!!!!!